Steve Mannion's adventures with Adobe CS, HTML, CSS, JavaScript and more


Websites designed and developed alongside one or more colleagues.

My Legal Indemnity Shop

Role: UI/UX Designer with 1 Developer

Worked with DUAL Group to create the UI for a site, administered with Umbraco CMS and powered using Angular and Bootstrap framework, providing a choice of legal indemnity quotes for residential property transactions. My first project working with Angular, Bootstrap and Font Awesome.

My Legal Indemnity Shop - Artwork

Background images for region-specific versions of My Legal Indemnity Shop based in Northern Ireland.

The Design Collection - A UI Journey

A presentation demonstrating the process behind creating the UI for The Design Collection, showcasing a portfolio of rarely seen heritage designs held by The National Archives.

The National Archives Design Guide

A blog post I wrote for The National Archives detailing my initiative to document the redesign of the website that began in 2013. I devised an online Design Guide as a set of instructions for how content should be arranged and displayed on screen.

The National Archives - Various projects

Between 2011 and 2015 I worked as a Designer at The Nationl Archives providing graphics, CSS, design advice and methodology for a variety of this large government organisation's microsites and one-off projects contained within the main website.

Web Works - Personal

At A Glance: Index

My latest ambitious project, aiming to present factual data from a range of subjects in a more efficient, cohesive and attractive way than anything else out there.

At A Glance: Euro 16

For the Euro 16 football tournament I created a single page showing all results, goalscorers, team strips and other details for each match.

At A Glance: UK General Election 2015

For the UK General Election in 2015 I created a responsive page for each region of the UK to show the result for every constituency including a range of numerical statistics.

Freaky Trigger

I created and maintain a responsive WordPress theme for this popular pop culure blog which has been active since 1999.


An extremely ambitious multimedia project I have been working on since 2004 to provide a series of DJ mixes for each year from 1990 to 2009 with a lavish website providing details for each mix.

UK Chart Hits

I recently created a new Music section for my site including a series of pages listing every single to have entered the UK singles chart since 1952 accompanied by a Spotify playlist for each year.

Graphical Works - Personal

We Need To Talk About Walter

Experimental artwork/poster design.

PieChArt 1

Poster design and experiment in colour coding and arrangement.


Artwork for self-made mash-up collection.

Self portrait

Trace of photograph in Illustrator using blended paths.

Mind yourself

Poster design heavily inspiread by an old Ryohei Kojima poster seen on ISO50.

Moquette 75

Created in Illustrator in homage to the classic District Line train seating covers.

Let's have an adventure

Experimental artwork/poster design.

Ultramix promotional artwork

Poster design featuring triadic colour combinations allocated for each edition of the series.

Experimental poster designs

A series of four.

Typeface concept

Characters drawn from scratch in Illustrator using a small selection of curved shapes to ensure consistency.

Blood on the dancefloor

Experimental artwork heavily inspired by the work of Olly Moss.

Ghost Food promotional artwork

Original logo created with Illustrator and animated using Premiere.