The Ultramix project began in January 2005 and the aim is to create a collection of twenty volumes of several mixes (lasting up to an hour each) for each year between 1990 and 2009.

The collection features a reasonably broad range of 'Western' pop music with an emphasis on hit singles (and remixes of same), acclaimed (whether hits or not) dance tracks and a few rare classics as defined by the author.

The series is inspired largely by the popularity of mixes created in the 80s (Ben Liebrand's Grandmix series), 90s (The MTV Party Zone Massive mixes and Megamix series produced by James Hyman) and 00s (2 Many DJ's Radio Soulwax series) at the height of the 'mash-up' boom and features many 'a capella' vocals from popular tracks synchronised over alternative backing tracks, usually instrumental dance tracks which may themselves have been hit singles.

Each edition of the Ultramix is also an attempt to highlight patterns, trends and connections between the vast array of musical subcultures and sub-genres inspired by preceding movements and the artistic and scientific ideas developed and popularised within recorded music as an industry. The tendency of combining two or more tracks at once may inspire the listener to both reconsider the material in both its original and newfound context.

Furthermore the collection captures the author's progress over twenty years as a pop music fanatic - a world of music that entertained, intrigued and inspired them, the fashioning of their taste as a listener and their approach to artistic appropriation.

Give 'em a listen here by selecting a year from the top menu, via Mixcloud directly or via Mixcrate where the mixes are also downloadable.

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